5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil for Hair

5 Ways to Use Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for softer, smoother hair this winter...Take Notes 

Have you considered using Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for your hair this winter season? Beauty fans, customers and all round influencers and bloggers enjoy using Afri-Berry's 100% Vegan and Organic Coconut Oil on their hair as they see positive transformations after trying it out.

Are you feeling left out? Well, read these 5 ways on how to use Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for softer, smoother hair below.

Afri-Berry Virgin Organic Coconut Oil provides a plethora of benefits such as using it on your body and face to make skin softer. It is versatile for your hair as it leaves hair shiny, richly nourished, repair damage and protects hair strands and it will leave your hair strong and healthy. 

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil benefits for hair:

First things first, while it works like magic on a wide range if concerns (like dullness and frizz), there is one thing that it does best which is that it provides moisture. It is a powerhouse emollient meaning it is soft and smooth. It is occlusive meaning it helps trap moisture and emollients in your hair, just like a sealent. It goes to work to keep nutrients and moisture in, as well as any damaging chemicals out. 

Because of it's unique ingredients, which contains  Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil it is able to prevent protein loss,l keeping hair from becoming damaged and fragile. 

Organic Coconut Oil helps smooth down frizz as it is a great alternative to silicone-based frizz tamers, which can weigh down your hair. Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way. A few drops where you need it will do the trick. 

You may ask yourself how to use Organic Coconut Oil, Here are my 5 favourite ways:

1. Use it as a traditional home-made hair mask to repair damaged hair. Whisk together two tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil and one egg and apply it evenly to damp hair with your hands, after 20 - 25 minutes, shampoo and condition as usual. You will find that your hair will look and feel softer and smoother.

2.Wear it as an over night treatment if your hair is really damaged as it will benefit from an eight-hour soak. Apply Organic Coconut Oil to dry hair with your hands and work through, then wear a bonnet or silky cloth/headscarf before bed time. If you do not wrap your hair, the oil may ruin your pillowcase.The next morning, rinse out the oil, then shampoo and condition as usual. 

3. Run it through your hair before a workout since you are going to shower after your hours put into gyming, before your workout, coat dry hair in Organic Coconut Oil and tie it up. Rinse hair once complete with the gym session. 

4. Turn it into a detangler by saving your money rather than spending money on a detangling spray, try using a tiny bit of Organic Coconut Oil to help get knots out. The consistency of the oil will give your hair more slip, which will make combing hair easier. 

5.For an all-natural shine spray, simply put some Organic Coconut Oil that has liquified in a spray bottle. Make sure to keep it in a warm place so it does not harden or solidify. Spritz it on whatever your hair could use a quick boost. 

Nourish you skin, body and hair using Afri-Berry Organic Coconut Oil as we are #TakingCareOfTheWholeFamily this winter. 

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