Skin and Hair Care: Find Out why Afri-Berry Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is the perfect winter skin and hair care product this year.

Moroccan Gold Argan Oil by Afri-Berry is a popular natural ingredient that can heal a number of skin problems. It has valuable beauty benefits and is a hundred percent organic and vegan product that is Cold Pressed. 

Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is rich in fatty acid compounds, Vitamin E and other skin essential nutrients. Since it is loaded with nutrients, Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is a great ingredient for hair and skin. If the winter cold and dry season has left your skin and hair care with tons of worries you can incorporate Moroccan Gold Argan Oil by Afri-Berry to take your woes away as it is a product that takes care of the whole family. 

Here are the benefits of Moroccan Gold Argan Oil: 

1. It is a gentle moisturizer: Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is a gentle moisturizer for dry hair and dehydrated skin. The Vitamin E and fatty acid content in the Moroccan Gold Argan Oil keeps your hair well nourished and moisturized and keeps the skin supple even in the driest of winters. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin and gives a non-greasy look. 

2. Reduces signs of skin ageing: Moroccan Gold Argan Oil can give your skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Our Afri-Berry Argan Oil has anti oxidising properties which restores elasticity and makes skin look smoother. 

3. Reduces dark spots and acne: Moroccan Gold Argan Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce acne marks and remove darks spots as the oil naturally hydrates the skin without feeling greasy and also maintains the skin’s PH balance. 

4. Heals chapped skin and brittle nails: Chapped skin and brittle nails are synonymous to winters. Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is here for rescue as its hydrating properties heals brittle nails, dry hands and chapped heels. It also makes nails healthy and shiny. 

5. Organic alternative to lip balms: Dry lips are one of the greatest skin care woes of winter. Rubbing only a drop or two of Moroccan Gold Argan Oil to your lips can keep your lips soft and plump through the winter months for the whole family. 

6. Cuticle and Heel restoration: Using a small amount of Moroccan Gold Argan Oil on your heels and cuticles especially targeting cracked places resulting in dry patches on tough areas that the Moroccan Gold Argan Oil can smoothen out the dryness and leave heels moisturized and gentle. 

The secret to hydration for your skin and hair this winter is trying out Moroccan Gold Argan Oil. The hydrating properties will help your skin and hair fight the battle of winter’s dry and damaging air.

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